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black sesame mochi sando w/ Rooted Fare .

Updated: Jul 27


I teamed up with Rooted Fare to make this soft& slightly crunchy dessert sando!

Check them out if your interested in trying their scrumptious Black Sesame Crunchy Butter!

use "FOODIE15" for 15% off

black sesame mochi sando recipe
Download • 5.65MB

Notes :

  • other methods to cook the mochi ( step 3. )

- microwave for about 3 minutes [ cover w/ plastic wrap & poke holes w/ toothpick ]

- in pressure cooker for 7 minutes on steam mode

  • MUST use food grade plastic gloves when kneading mochi or it will stick to EVERYTHING!!

  • don't skip the butter, it helps the mochi stay soft

  • if you wish to make this ahead of time, wrap mochi in plastic wrap & it will last up to three days

  • don't forget to spread LOADS of black sesame crunchy butter , its the flavour highlight!!!!

disclaimer : these are not original recipes, but adaptations inspired by other creations on social media ( instagram, youtube, 小红书 ) Tried & tested to suit my taste or to simplify it ( bc im quite lazyyy with measurements )

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