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cream-filled daifuku w/ Proctor Silex .

hiii . did you know you can make mochi in a pressure cooker ?

i've teamed up w/ Proctor Silex to make these chewy& creamy daifuku . a delicious japanese mochi dessert stuffed with strawberry whipped cream

if you looking for a new appliance to add to your kitchen, def recommend this one !

Proctor Silex Simplicity Pressure Cooker

[ warm, saute, slow-cook, steam, & pressure cook all in onee ]

slowcook setting is great for making tea eggs!

cream-filled daifuku w/ proctor silex
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Wear food grade plastic gloves when handling mochi, its super stickyyy

inspired by 抖音赵哈哈

disclaimer : these are not original recipes, but adaptations inspired by other creations on social media ( instagram, youtube, 小红书 ) Tried & tested to suit my taste or to simplify it ( bc im quite lazyyy with measurements )

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