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matcha cream french toast [ inspired by hong kong style-cafes ]

Updated: Jun 11

what you'll need for the recipe below

- matcha powder, 2 slices of bread, condensed milk, an egg, milk, heavy whipping cream, oil

special utensil : sugar duster / mesh strainer for dusting before serving

NOTEs : if you find matcha bitter, mix in a bit of powdered sugar to the matcha before sifting it over toast

you can air-fry, deep-fry, or pan fry the toast !

[ for air fryer - on parchment with butter/oil at 350 F for about 12 minutes ( flip halfway) ]

bye bye for now

- - angel ♡

disclaimer : these are not original recipes, but adaptations inspired by other creations on social media ( instagram, youtube, 小红书 ) Tried & tested to suit my taste or to simplify it ( bc im quite lazyyy with measurements )

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