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soft milk mochi.

Updated: Jul 25


this is a delicious & fun to play dessert

also healthy if you decide to have this with warm ginger brown sugar water

[ other ways to enjoy :

- soymilk is a good milk alt.

- crush up oreo cookies in replacement to kinako

- serve warm with brown sugar water

- 3 slices of ginger

- about 2 tbsp brown sugar

- 200 ml of water.

then boil for about 5 - 10 minutes

( i eat it this way during that time of month, chinese women believes that brown sugar helps with cramps ) ]

disclaimer : these are not original recipes, but adaptations inspired by other creations on social media ( instagram, youtube, 小红书 ) Tried & tested to suit my taste or to simplify it ( bc im quite lazyyy with measurements )

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