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strawberry boba

Updated: Jun 11

hii y'all

i made a one page recipe with all the ingredients for you to easily screenshot or download !

this is the first, so it ain't perfect. if you have any issues following thru or anything you feel i can improve on please let me know !


- - angel ♡

what you'll need for the recipe below

- strawberries, tapioca starch, sugar

- fork/masher ( blender works too ), strainer, non-stick pan, mixing spoon


if your mashing strawberries ( step 1 ) , you might need to add a splash of water

strawberry boba recipes
Download PDF • 649KB

disclaimer : these are not original recipes, but adaptations inspired by other creations on social media ( instagram, youtube, 小红书 ) Tried & tested to suit my taste or to simplify it ( bc im quite lazyyy with measurements )

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